Furniture that co-operates: your space

Young or old, big or small, fat or thin, wide or narrow, slim or skinny, child or adult. So different as people are in shape or age, so different are their needs and requirements. The flexibility of our elements enables personalised usage, meeting the individual needs in public areas and popular outdoor spaces

„your space” is an intelligently designed outdoor furniture system that not only thinks with you and allows for individuality but also helps to promote communication and co-operation. By a simple turning mechanism one can face ones neighbour, turn towards the sun, find shade or the right interpersonal closeness or distance to the bustle of the world and so adapt to the individual's needs and requirements. With 'your space' you can feel at home outdoors; alone, as a twosome or threesome, with friends or strangers, with people of all generations.

In city centres, public or private areas - even in parks people suffer from high noise levels. Also recreational areas in work places are often too loud to find real rest during breaks. Therefore some of our furniture offers a sound barrier in the vicinity of the ears in order to cut out noise and create a small oasis of calm. However, if one prefers an oasis of acoustic entertainment there is the possibility to fit audio systems.

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